Working Examples

A GRAPHICS DESIGN FIRM with no accounting resources on staff had no organizational system to deal with their accounting. They were keeping their checkbook in Excel, their invoices in Quark, and their receipts in Shoeboxes. As a result of scattered financial management and no framework to organize information, they were significantly limited in their ability to answer core financial management questions.

After an initial analysis of their problem, we set them up with AccountEdge; training them in “Checkbook” and “Sales”. With all the information in one place, they were able to produce accurate financial statements to provide the accounting answers to their vendor and customer questions.

A LIGHT MANUFACTURING COMPANY had been using Account Edge, but had not taken advantage of the full features of the software. As a result, they were unable to evaluate their sales performance per region or extract and analyze their product sales data. The problem was not the software, but that it was not being used optimally and we set to work to make the software ‘work for them’. We taught them how to utilize the advanced features such as “custom field” and “jobs” and how to leverage the data to analyze and forecast sales.

A DISTRIBUTION COMPANY had also been using AccountEdge; but due to incorrect set-up and untrained staff and oversight, they were unintentionally and unfortunately misusing the software.  As a result, their inventory and their accounts receivable balances were grossly inaccurate. Our job was to get them to understand the features and to use the software correctly. We came in and after an initial assessment we cleaned the data. Once done, we trained their staff in the proper use of the features and set up procedures and protocol for them to follow. Importantly, we trained to their level of ability so they were confident on their own and able to oversee a smooth running operation.

 A PRODUCTION COMPANY was not tracking the profitability of individual projects nor able to determine if jobs were on budget during their respective production cycles. As a result, they were not getting reimbursements for out-of-pocket costs. Accounting Evolutions quickly diagnosed the problems and taught them how to properly utilize AccountEdge features “time billing” and “job costing”. Now, with the push of a button, they can accurately bill employee time, track their out-of-pocket costs, and analyze and compare budgets to actuals.