Our Team

Accounting Evolutions brings years of experience and unparalleled product knowledge to help companies with their operational and accounting needs.


Debbie Koltun has been consulting businesses on their accounting software for over 20 years and was engaged by the original developers of AccountEdge as their first certified consultant. Her relationship with them has been proven to be a successful partnership of business building and growth as she has worked with their development and technical team on new approaches to business solutions and practical applications of their software. She was one of their original recipients of the company’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Prior to founding Accounting Evolutions, Debbie worked and trained at a CPA firm, then went on to start a business management company where she provided financial management to entertainment industry clients.


Nanci Lee was an accounting major in college and  has been providing accounting services to small businesses for 20 years. She joined Accounting Evolutions in 1994, bringing with her a vast knowledge of multiple accounting programs.

Accounting Evolutions consults exclusively for Priority Software; their favorite suite of programs.