I had interviewed another AccountEdge consultant re: changing from my previous accounting software to AccountEdge, saying that I needed the process to be as painless as possible. He had assured me of the ease with which this could be accomplished.  Fortunately he become so involved in other pursuits that he did not have time to do the job. That's when I asked my MacTech consultant Paul Cartwright who to call.  He recommended Debbie Koltun.

Unlike the previous consultant, she insisted upon taking the time to outline all the reasons I ought to start fresh rather than simply transfer info. I had to concede she was giving sound advice, even though I knew I was in for a supreme challenge and would be spending more time and money than I'd like.  I am so glad that I followed her advice.  Otherwise I'd never have experienced all the benefits of AccountEdge.  Admittedly the process was laborious made my brain ache, and likely drove her to discretion, but with her patience and my persistence, the switch was accomplished, and we've benefitted from that process.

I like having Debbie come by once a year, install the upgrade, teach me what's new, and check everything before we begin income tax preparation. Every year she has to unravel some "entanglement" resulting from something I did wrong and then made worse by trying unsuccessfully to correct. She only mildly chides my ineptitude and carefully thinks through the problem and finds a solution.  I'd be lost without her expert understanding of accounting in general and AccountEdge in particular.

I've put into practice many suggestions she's made over the years for improving our accounting practices, such as photocopying every check in a deposit, stapling the deposit receipt to the copies and filing them nearby in case of a problem reconciling the monthly statement. More than once, this has made finding a discrepancy easy. Her advice has turned out to make a real and lasting  difference in streamlining record keeping at Playworks.
I am grateful to have her on our team, and I'm certain our CPA would agree.

Christina Wallerstein