This is a real pleasure because I have often told others how wonderful you are.  When  you entered the life of A&B, we had just spent several months and pile of money trying to get our business to move from ledger sheets to a computer with a comptroller guy who claimed to know how to do this, and we finally threw out Peachtree and started over with AccountEdge and I called you.  You showed up and said, "Let's cut to the chase. Start as of today, not trying to recapture the past."  That advice was so right on.  Then you showed us how to set up all our paperwork to be sure we were organized and to build in redundancy so we wouldn't let anything slip by.  

You tailored AccountEdge to our needs and In short order we were off and sailing for about a tenth of the price of the previous accounting advisor and about 1000% better result.  I can't think of anything that wasn't perfect because you are so smart about what you do.  Thank you!!

A&B Plumbing, Inc.