Mac’s Lift Gate Inc. has been a AccountEdge user since 1992 and a client of Accounting Evolutions and Debbie Koltun since 1994. During which time she has proven her extensive knowledge of AccountEdge software and business accounting.

I can’t recall how we found Debbie and Accounting Evolutions but she is a God send. She has helped us organize and reorganize too many times to count. Debbie personally oversaw a data conversion and the creation of a new data file earlier this year that required her to be onsite for more than 7 days. While working on the program Debbie will often show you what she is doing and provides an explanation for it on the accounting side and AccountEdge software side. She teaches as well as fixes and leaves you feeling confident about your success with AccountEdge.

She periodically comes into our office and straightens out bank reconciliations for both Accounts Payable and Payroll Dept. Each year end she closes our books and helps to organize us for the upcoming taxes, as well as be available to come out and help if needed.

Debbie has created every form we use in AccountEdge, Invoices, Purchase orders, email forms and more. She has customized fields to help with reports that are specific to our manufacturing needs. She has taught us to use these reports to great effectiveness as well as the many other reports available within the software. Her knowledge of these AccountEdge matters seems to be limitless.

And all this from a lady who works on Macintosh computers … Yet our business owns PC’s. AccountEdge has a PC version but it is different than the Macintosh which is what AccountEdge was designed for. This however did not stop Debbie from providing A+ service at any time. And if there was a problem she promptly contacted AccountEdge and started working on a solution. I think today we remain one of her longest running client and still the only ones on a PC which can both be accounted to the superior service and dedication you get with Accounting Evolutions!

Mac's Lift Gate, Inc.