Debbie came at a crucial time, due to the growth of our company we had to rethink and evaluate our workflow, from order taking to accounts receivable, and she brought tremendous experience and knowledge to the table that helped us implement sound procedures, as a result our turnaround time for orders came  to an average of 24 hours only.

Debbie was the key to using all the tools of AccountEdge and to train and support our team members in the every day use of the software.

We would have never been able to achieve what we have now without Debbie / What a difference she made.... wish she would have been on board from the get-go of installing the software, it would have saved a lot of time, manpower and money...AccountEdge should highly recommend consulting with an experienced consultant like Debbie before selling such a powerful tool.

We highly recommend consulting with an experienced consultant such as Debbie before setting up AccountEdge as mistakes can be avoided early on, mistakes that are made early on can lead to much bigger problems later.

Do not underestimate the power of AccountEdge, its user-friendly interface works best when installed with expertise from Debbie.

Debbie always sees the context of operations overall, not only within AccountEdge.. Operations have become much smother. A steady and well planned work flow drastically increased our productivity and turnaround.

She has great personality, very good listener and great analytical mind, a pleasure to work with her. Understands the insides of companies and how important confidentiality and trust are to the success of a corporation.

I can gladly give good testimony at any time / admire her discipline in sports / our dog is in love with her dog ;-)


Last but not least:
she has an insatiable appetite for chocolate ;-)

Christian Trinker
Fun Factory USA, Inc.