When Debbie Koltun asked for me to share some thoughts about our work together and the role she’s played in my business for the last 20+ years, I thought.. “Sure, no problem what an easy task!” After all Debbie not only single handedly, set up our accounting system (which was no easy task) but seemed effortless since Debbie has the patience that Mother Teresa could learn from, the tech savvy of Steve Wozniack, the combined actuarial wisdom and expertise of Mr. Price, Mr. Waterhouse and Mr. Coopers combined, and the style of Coco Channel, all combined in one amazing package.

So to say that Debbie is no “ordinary” accounting consultant is clearly an understatement. But for those of you who may need more specifics to her qualifications, should my glowing testimony not be enough, here are a few highlights:

1. Unparallel product knowledge of the Mac platform and it’s accounting solutions and software. (Shame on anyone who still thinks Mac’s are for “creatives”!)

2. Real life business experience in range of industries which makes Debbie perfect for start-ups to expanding companies

3. An uncanny ability to “train, teach and instill knowledge” to even the most accounting challenged business owners.

4. A hunger for finding solutions that WORK, make sense (and cents), and that are practical.

5. A connection to the source- (if you happen to be on Account Edge, as one of the nation’s top Account Edge consultants, Debbie’s connection provides up to the minute updates, knowledge base and ability to apply evolving software solutions to the clients she works with)

6. Operationally, Debbie is an active and essential member of my company’s management team, helping guide and direct financial matters, processes, standard operating procedures, etc. She has worked with our accountant, banker as well as the internal team. She’s so much part of our team, she’s featured on our website and even gets invited to company outings. (When was the last time you considered inviting your “accounting consultant” to something FUN?)

7. Her ethics, (remember those?) are unparallel, her accountability and reliability, second to none. Accuracy, is 99.9% (as a test to just to keep me on my toes)

What Debbie can’t do however, no matter how talented, smart or insistent I may be, is to figure out how to get 1+1 to equal 3. When she figures that one out, I’m hiring her full time so I can retire!

Marc Friedland
Creative Intelligence, Inc.