“Debbie not only single handedly set up our accounting system (which was no easy task) but it seemed effortless since Debbie has the patience that Mother Teresa could learn from, the tech savvy of Steve Wozniack, the combined actuarial wisdom and expertise of Mr. Price, Mr. Waterhouse and Mr. Coopers combined, and the style of Coco Channel, all combined in one amazing package”

–Marc Friedland, Creative Intelligence   READ MORE >


“We would have never been able to achieve what we have now without Accounting Evolutions ! What a difference they made.... wish they would have been on board from the get-go of installing the software, it would have saved a lot of time, manpower and money. Acclivity should highly recommend consulting with an experienced consultant before selling such a powerful tool”

 - Christian Trinker, Fun Factory USA   READ MORE >



“I can’t recall how we found Debbie and Accounting Evolutions but she is a God send. She has helped us organize and reorganize too many times to count. Debbie personally oversaw a data conversion and the creation of a new data file earlier this year that required her to be onsite for more than 7 days. While working on the program Debbie will often show you what she is doing and provides an explanation for it on the accounting side and AccountEdge software side. She teaches as well as fixes and leaves you feeling confident about your success with AccountEdge.”

 - Betty, Macs Lift Gate   READ MORE >



“You showed us how to set up all our paperwork to be sure we were organized and to build in redundancy so we wouldn't let anything slip by.  You tailored AccountEdge to our needs and in short order we were off and sailing for about a tenth of the price of the previous accounting advisor and about 1000% better result.  I can't think of anything that wasn't perfect because you are so smart about what you do.  Thank you!!

-Ceel, A&B Plumbing   READ MORE >



“I like having Debbie come by once a year, install the upgrade, teach me what's new, and check everything before we begin income tax preparation. Every year she has to unravel some "entanglement" resulting from something I did wrong and then made worse by trying unsuccessfully to correct. She only mildly chides my ineptitude and carefully thinks through the problem and finds a solution.  I'd be lost without her expert understanding of accounting in general and AccountEdge in particular.”

 - Christina Wallserstein, Playworks   READ MORE >




Debbie: 323-855-8228 or Nanci: 213-595-5151

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