start up + teach services

We will help you determine which is the best

service plan for your individual needs.


The Beginning

• Assess your company’s needs

• Plan your conversion and usage of features

• Install software and create a new company file

• Setup all features that you will be using

• Transfer Information and Balances from current

system into new package

• Customize all appropriate forms (Invoice, P.O., Check, etc)

• Training notes with pictures

• Reorganize filing systems & company procedures

around the new software


Using The Checkbook

• Pay Bills with a check or credit card

• Enter Customer Payments; Bank Deposits

• Set up recurring entries

• Reconcile bank and credit card accounts


Time Tracking/Billing

• Setup Activities

• Enter and bill time

• Time Billing Reports

• Customize your invoice

• Online or on your computer




Do it yourself (you are responsible)

• Set up Employee Cards

• Set up Payroll Categories

• Process a Payroll

• Pay Taxes

• Payroll Reports

Outsource it (they are responsible)

• Set it all up online



• Set up Items and Locations

• Sales Orders to Invoices

• Purchase Orders to Bills

• Manage Inventory quantities and values

•I nventory Reports


Job Tracking

• Setup Jobs

• Enter budgets on jobs

• Attach costs to jobs

• Automatically bill job costs

• Job Profitability Reports


Online Sales

• Setup webstore using Enstore

• Push items list to webstore

• Sync web sales to AccountEdge


Mobile Accounting

• Setup mobile devices

• Enter transactions on mobile device

• Sync with mobile device and AE







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